About Us

Peterborough Asylum and Refugee community (PARCA) 

In November 2002, some members of the African refugee community in Peterborough came together to set up an organisation to address the complex needs of new and existing arrivals into the area.

2011 the organisation changed its name to PROMOTING AFRICAN REFUGEE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (PARCA) in order to incorporate not only the Greater Peterborough area but the whole of the United Kingdom and Africa.

In 2017, the organisation has done the survey and demanding the voice of the service users can be heard by our board members to reflex the work we are doing in the city and the name of the organisation in current climate, therefore the majority has given to New name of PARCA “Peterborough Asylum and Refugee Community Association: was adopted and changed to legalised.

PARCA, initially helped those arriving in Peterborough from the African continent, but its reach and support now extends to many different ethnic groups. Now extended to many people in need including: Asylum Seeker, Refugees, BAME, European and local resident.

From decade, the organisation offering help and guidance on the asylum processes, the charity has grown to offer a huge range of services to help promote social cohesion, integration and relieve isolation and poverty in some of Peterborough’s most deprived areas.

Accessing information and advice on a range of vital issues, such as immigration, education, training, employment, and housing/social welfare benefits is also a significant barrier to any newcomer or exiting communities.

We know how people struggle to get just a small solution. People can become isolated and stressed as a result of any combination of these things the system can be quite a traumatic experience to everyone.

Asylum seekers and refugees also find it virtually impossible to access resources. This means that they are liable to encounter further problems such as poor health, unemployment, low income, low uptake of service provision, and a general lack of opportunity. This leads to people living in isolation and suffering from deprivation.

The language barrier is one of the biggest problems for anyone who can’t speak English when they attempt to integrate into British society, and as they come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, English is rarely their first language.

We have both paid and volunteer workers at PARCA, some of whom were at one time seeking support from us themselves. They want to give back and help someone who is new in Peterborough to be all they can be – when they are happy, we are happy

We are here to help relieve some of the issues they have.

PARCA’s raison d’être is to improve the living conditions, and enrich the lives, of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants who now reside within Greater Peterborough and its surrounding areas. However, we will help people from other areas of the United Kingdom (UK) if needs must.

As an inclusive organisation, PARCA supports people regardless of their nationality, gender, age, ability, race, religion or sexual orientation, in order to raise awareness and understanding of the UK lifestyle and its habits and customs. We celebrate and encourage diversity nationwide, with our primary focus being placed firmly upon the Greater Peterborough area.

PARCA has a tried and tested procedure to empower families to play an active part within British society, and we dedicate ourselves to achieving harmonious integration and improved community cohesion for all.

PARCA encourages refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, as well as members of any other local community, to participate in its regular practical, leisure and recreational activities. We also organise and run enjoyable social events where everybody is welcome and respected.

PARCA provides a professional and measured service that is designed to fulfil the needs of anyone finding themselves in need of help and/or guidance.

Refugees, asylum Seekers and migrant communities have all the skills and confidence they need to realise their potential and they are integrated in Peterborough, in a city that respects diversity.

To develop and run a one-stop community centre where refugees, asylum seekers, disadvantaged and migrant communities get all the support and services they need to build a life of quality and contribute to a cohesive community in Greater Peterborough that values diversity.


PARCA is managed by a board of directors, consisting of four trustees, which provides an additional layer of strength to the charity. All the trustees have their own personal knowledge and insight of the refugee experience, which they bring to bear upon the guidance and support of the management and its projects.