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Moez Nathu


With a true understanding of the difficulties Asylum seekers and Refugees face, Moez is well positioned to help with many aspects of integration and other issues that many people face.

Email: moez@parcaltd.org

Mark Murray

Office Manager

Email: enquiries@parcaltd.org

With a background working for various large corporate companies as well as small companies, I have a good understanding of the day to day running requirements. I also enjoy meeting a very diverse range of people on a regular basis.

Engy Morsy

Befriender Manager

I have strong communication and translation skills and like to see the difference my work can bring to the people I help. I enjoy the challenges my job brings to me and this helps me grow as a person.

Rania Ali

Support Worker

I am a professional caseworker and interpreter, who deals with people which are struggling with numerous life challenges. I am a people’s person with genuine compassion to help guide people through different hardships. By being understanding and empathetic, I am able to evoke motivation to change.

Beckie MacLellan

Outreach / Community Cohesion Manager

I am excited to have joined the team at PARCA. I have experience of working and volunteering with small charities both locally and abroad, as well as digital marketing and fundraising. Having studied International Development and with a passion for helping people, I hope to make a positive impact within the local community.

Narisa Nathu

Media Manager

I have strong digital marketing skills and enjoy every aspect of the digital world. Having the opportunity to create a digital stamp for PARCA will be an amazing experience!

Inese Asermane

EUSS Caseworker

I am a motivated individual and take full responsibility for providing my service in a thoughtful and persuasive way. I am punctual and always see work through to the end. Always ready to learn new skills, build my self-confidence and create a better environment around me.

Celso Oliveira

Youth Officer

It’s not only my job but it’s my mission to deliver activities and community service to support young people, migrants and refugees in Peterborough. I felt happy joining PARCA team and learning how become a leader and build a relationship with others.

Thomas Wright

Employment Adviser

Tom has a strong background in education amongst other industries including recruitment and accounting. He has worked in numerous countries abroad as well as with people from lots of different cultural backgrounds locally. This has placed him well to now help refugees into work placements and onto qualifications.

Lina Truksanovaite

ESOL Manager

With a strong background in teaching and a passion to help improve English. I get a great deal of satisfaction when I see the difference between the start and end of term with my students level of English understanding.

Board members

Nondo John Kasensa


Jamila Mohammed Abdu

Kumbi Mubange

Rusom Embaye

Khadija Ali Husein


We are extremely grateful for the hard work and effort all our volunteers put in during their time at Parca, the difference that their work can make to our service users is huge. Whatever area or project they help with, one thing is sure, they make a big difference to a lot of people’s lives.

Fateh Ben

Laura Moore

Hannah Bull

Oussema Rahmeni

Bridget Ginty

Astrid Lutonadio

Rudolf Pohlodko


Pavels Remigolskis

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