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PARCA is in partnership with SEETEC to support government Community Work Program. Community Work Placements (CWP) is a mandatory scheme requiring jobseekers to participate in a work placement of community benefit for 30 hours a week, for up to six months, alongside additional provider-led supported job search of between 4 and 10 hours per week.


DWP is looking for suitable work placements that emulate a real working environment, are under supervision which provides clear parameters and feedback on claimant attendance and productivity, and encourage the development of the crucial behaviours and attitudes associated with sustained employment. They want to see a diverse range of placement roles, with providers working with a range of organisations to source placements of community benefit across a range of employment sectors. CWP work placements must deliver a contribution to the local community and must not displace paid economic jobs or impact existing employees within the host organisation.


Millfield Medical Centre (GP’s)


At Millfield we want to help you with your overall health and wellness needs in any way we can.  Whoever you are, wherever you come from and whatever your health needs, we will do our very best to provide quality health care for you. We are committed to using the resources we have been entrusted with to provide you with very the best service we possibly can.


Recruitmint Employment


We were thrilled last week to visit the Peterborough organisation PARCA – that’s Promoting African Refugee Community Association.


The group is a lifeline for those seeking stability and sanctuary in the city from the conflicts that, sadly, still plague parts of Africa. Escaping a place with a high risk of prejudice, destitution or premature death is a profound relief, but the issues that replace them – of not fitting in, of language difficulties and of knowing no-one – can cause a whole new set of anxieties. PARCA recognise this, and are there to extend a friendly and helping hand to not only ease refugees’ worries and answer their questions, but also to make sure that they are able to begin making the most of their community and become part of a work and social scene.


The last thing any refugee wants is to be is a burden in his or her new home, to be seen as someone expecting something for nothing. Finding jobs to financially support themselves and any family they may have brought with them, and to show willingness to bond with their new compatriots, is essential to morale and to personal dignity. PARCA pride themselves on, in their own words: ‘improving the conditions and lives of all refugees and asylum seekers, from any region of the African continent’ which, you’ve got to admit, is not a million miles from our own motto: improving people’s lives. We knew we would fit right in at the job fair PARCA organised specially to help ease refugees into the world of work.


Jamie Gidney, our Senior Commercial Consultant, attended the fair, and was extremely impressed by PARCA and by the job-seekers he met. ‘The event was very successful,’ he explains. ‘I met many eager and enthusiastic job seekers, and there was a diverse range of skill sets. Many in attendance were keen to have interview preparation along with CV improvement, which I was more than happy to assist with. The event was well organized, and I valued the opportunity to help the community and will no doubt be able to find several attendees a work placement.’


So, many thanks to PARCA, and a big welcome to our new fellow citizens. We hope we can be of service again very soon.


European Local Authorities Integration Network


The ELAINE project will connect five local and regional European organisations on the theme of migrant and refugee integration.

The project comprises five separate meetings on the topic of integration in five separate member states. Each meeting will have its own focus with each participating partner sending 7 delegates, meaning that each conference will be made up of about one third EU delegates and the remaining two thirds being delegates from the host country. Read more

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