Afghan Resettlement Programme

The Government introduced a new  Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy to offer relocation or other assistance to current and former Locally Employed Staff (LES) in Afghanistan to reflect the changing situation in Afghanistan. 

The resettlement programme is offered to LES whom the UK government considers to have put themselves in the most danger and contributed the most to the UK mission in Afghanistan. The Relocation Offer is based on recognition of service and an assessment of likely current and future risk to LES due to the nature of their work for the UK government in the evolving situation in Afghanistan. 

Peterborough City Council has confirmed their commitment to resettling in the region of 100 individuals from Afghanistan, typically forming family units, as part of the national Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP), and the broader Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme (ACRS) for other vulnerable Afghans. 

Peterborough City Council has commissioned to us to provide a befriending and support service, to help families orientate into the city and their new lives, ensure that we register quickly with a GP, secure school places for their children, register for English-language courses where necessary, and begin their pathway into employment. 

PARCA Team are so proud and excited to be welcoming the Afghan Refugee’s in our city and support their Integration, cohesion and understanding of the system and life in UK. 

An appeal has been made by local authority through their website for private landlords to come forward to support the Afghan scheme by offering their property to Peterborough City Council. For more information, please click to link: 

We have designed a comprehensive plan to integrate the refugee’s for their development and their short and long-term goal to resettle into the city. 

A Personal Integration Plan is developed with everyone to monitor integration, including a baseline assessment, employment experience, skills, health and aspirations. 

We support Afghan Families by developing trust and understanding, enabling them to understand how local services work, encouraging their children to thrive and to set up their own support networks. We will help empower families to make changes in their life, which will be long term and positive 

 We are looking for volunteers who can help us in many areas of the projects subject to DBS clearance.  To apply for volunteering please feel the form by clicking:

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