COVID-19 Support

Since lockdown in March-2020, our organisation has and continued to support families and individuals who are working in Zero Hours Contracts, No Resource to Public Fund and others are in financial difficulties. Our team are DBS Check and well known the community need. People on their own we’re supporting are often lonely, depressed, and scared, people living with family or others are often incredibly stressed out and feeling the impact of being in a small space and enclosed.

We are committed to continue with the scheme to support those been affected with COVID-19.

Holding Hands Together for Development Across All Communities

Hardship: Food Parcel / Medication / Toiletries

For those households or members of a household who fall outside the Shielded families or individual but still need food delivering to their home address we can provided, also we will able to tailor food that meet the dietary and cultures needs of each family to avoid the waste, common parcel food of milk, bread, pasta and fresh fruit and vegetables. We have met special needs where requested. For the delivery

Online Support:

  • Gp’s Appointment
  • Helping Universal Credit
  • IT skills
  • Support with Schools issues
  • Language support
  • Etc…

Financial Crises support

Will refer to local agencies to support your financial issues

Befriender support

Is all about to build a confident to talk with support worker. Call us in office 01733563420 to let us know if you need someone to help with shopping and other needs.


Give your spare time and talents and make a great contribution to the work of our organisation. Supporting us by helping to speak and learning in the English classes, interpret and translate, work in the office and with IT and promote social activities. We have a wonderful group of loyal volunteers and we are looking for more COVID-19 Volunteers.

For help and support, please contact: or