Empowering Marginalise Women into Society (EMWiS)

The project is designed to engage with women who find it difficult to get their voice heard, support them to take part in community work and help build capacity and confident to enable them to more easily integrate in society.
This is an innovative project, empowering women such as Refugees, Asylum seekers, Migrants, white British, BAME and other locals who have experienced abuse, are oppressed by poverty, isolated, lack confidence and often suffer from health issues such as depression. Many of these women remain housebound. Some are refugees who have experienced violence and trauma through conflict and find it hard to trust again.
This project strengthens the whole community by enabling wellbeing/integration of refugees/asylum seekers and migrants. To achieve this wellbeing, EMWiS engages with local communities, enabling community/skills development and better integration/cohesion. Partners referrals/volunteering opportunities and provision of activities and events to build integration/cohesion, promote English acquisition, and provide employability help improving economic opportunity and other interventions for stronger, resilient communities.
This project is unique, it can help bring women together who have talent but cannot express it easily, either because of their culture, low confident and some finding it difficult with to find the time because of household chores.

Another reason could be Asylum seeking people waiting for the outcome from Home Office and are struggling to engage within society because of the Asylum label. This will provide good opportunities to reduce fear and start to build confidence with new friends by joining the group.

Due to the pandemic, the project will run remotely by women to help build confident by using free online video software, such as zoom, to share information.

The textile workshops have developed skills for women that have never used a sewing machine before, by sewing pillow cases, shopping bags, aprons, bed cover, etc and decorating their designed by attaching fancy buttons and other items to make them look very professional.

We will restart the project soon with limited numbers of participant. For more information call 01733 563420