The survey was conducted in collaboration with Big Society Funding CIC; a non-profit social enterprise that aims to equip smaller organisations with entrepreneurial and sustainable business skills. The survey took place during late February and March 2014; with some service users taking an online survey at PARCA’s office in Peterborough and others being interviewed in their own homes by members of PARCA’s volunteer team. The resultant findings suggest that PARCA provides a greatly needed and much appreciated high quality service to its users.


One of the surveys most encouraging findings is that service users rate the service very highly, averaging a score of 9.44 out of 10.  As 77% of the survey respondents have been using these services for over a year, it is clear that they are very much appreciated and that users want them to continue to provide them with help into the future.

“PARCA is good because help free”
“I come to PARCA for help me in English Class. I now speak little good before me no speak”
“No other organisation provide service as PARCA”
“I not spek gud inglish”
“Thank you very much”
“Help and support in paper work e.g. hospital, council, job search”
“English class people need”
“Because they understand my situation, because is friendly, is free”


(Actual quotes from service users)


The survey indicates that service users tend to be fairly young, 50% are under the age of 34, and a further 36% are under 44. A majority of 60% are in full time or part time work, which is remarkable given the challenges that migrants face when they relocate to a new host country.


The survey reveals that 55% of service users describe their ethnic background as ‘White Other’,  an ‘African’ background was given by 31% of service users, and 7 % declared ‘Asian’ to be their ethnic origin.


Service users were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with various statements in relation to accessing PARCA’s services. The most positive response was for the statements ‘PARCA is professional’ & ‘I want to see PARCA develop its work and help even more people like me’, where 97% of users strongly agreed or agreed with the statements. Another strong response saw 92% of users strongly agreed or agreed that ‘PARCA provides a good level of service.’ A notable 86% strongly agreed or agreed that ‘PARCA understands what support and help I need.’


Other notable responses were: ‘I feel happier,’ where 86% strongly agreed or agreed that they did indeed feel happier after getting help. Other high points saw 84% strongly agreed or agreed that ‘I have improved confidence and 86% strongly agreed or agreed that ‘My self-esteem has increased.’ Finally, 78% strongly agreed or agreed that ‘I have learnt some very important life and language skills.’


One last finding which offers great encouragement for future development is the fact that 47% of respondents are willing to participate in the Advisory Group, which is designed to improve beneficiary participation in project planning.


In conclusion it is evident that these important findings visibly indicate the highly positive impact that PARCA has hadon its target demographic. The very high percentage of users with a ‘White Other’ ethnic background suggests that Eastern European migrants now rely heavily on PARCA for information, support and advice. In fact without PARCA many current service users would be without any support whatsoever as 73% of users expressed that no other local organisation exists which offers the services that they require. 

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